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Now, back to the recipe part of the book. Since I am not one who cooks or bakes, I heat water for tea in the microwave and make my morning oatmeal concoction in the microwave and that is all I can do well. Master Recipes ; has the simple eggs and maybe kosher salt and butter.

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Also, in this section a recipe for homemade mayonnaise and homemade Aioli that Terry describes as a lemony garlicky mayonnaise. In the Introduction she talks about the ingredients she uses in her recipes. Since Terry Golson purchases the dairy products and meats she uses; she tries to buy from local farmers that treat their animals like she does her hens. The next section titled About Eggs and Egg Laying Terry Golson goes into depth all about eggs which is informative if you purchase your eggs or you have hens laying eggs in your backyard.

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These are not all of the subtitles in this category, however it gives you an idea of what Terry Golson has to tell you about eggs. The next section titled Choosing Chickens will help you decide if you want to have chickens in your backyard, if local municipal zoning permits. There are only three subtitles in this section. Pretty self explanatory I think.

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Chicken Keeping is the final section before all of the recipes. This section has a lot of subtitles, so I will only name some of them, so that you can get an idea of the ground that Terry Golson covers in this section. So as you can see this book will definitely be a fun book for cooks and bakers out there. Even if you choose to purchase all your eggs,rather than have the hens in your backyard, it will help you to think about the environment the hens live in, and the quality of the eggs that the hens made for you.