Preaching That Speaks to Women

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Preaching That Speaks to Women invites preachers to consider how gender affects the way sermons are understood and calls them to preaching that relates to the entire congregation.

1. Does the Bible actually speak to the issue of the ordination of women?

Drawing from her experience as a teacher of ministry students, as well as her experience as a missionary, conference speaker, and radio Bible teacher, Alice Mathews explores both the myths and legitimate boundaries for speaking about women as listeners. She considers the ways women think about themselves, make ethical decisions, handle stress, learn, and view leadership and power and applies the results to the task of preaching.

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Mathews advocates effective preaching that does not ignore women or merely typecast women in narrowly defined roles. Mathews is Lois W. Previously, Alice served as a missionary in Europe for 17 years, taught at Denver Seminary, and was dean of the Seminary of the East Philadelphia Center. She is widely known as cohost with Haddon Robinson of the daily Bible-teaching radio program Discover the Word. Format: Digital. ISBN: Be the first to rate this.

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Overview In most twenty-first-century congregations, women outnumber men. Key Features Discusses the way that gender affects the understanding of sermons Applies a female perspective to ideas on preaching Emphasizes and teaches gender inclusive preaching.

I’m a Catholic woman who was allowed to preach at Mass—until it was banned

Praise for the Print Edition Alice Mathews breaks new ground. This book opens the eyes of men and women preachers alike, and it will begin to revolutionize how preachers view listeners in their pews. The fundamental reason that women should not serve as pastors is communicated here, and so the argument from creation cannot be dismissed as culturally limited. Moreover, the New Testament contains many similar appeals to the created order. In 1 Timothy , Paul specifically grounds his prohibition of women teaching and exercising authority in the order of creation, namely, that Adam was made first and then Eve Gen.

The narrative in Genesis is carefully constructed, and Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, helps us see the significance of Eve being created after Adam.