One Recipe: Papaya Pear Puree

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What happens once she is all ready to have solid food? You would want to give the best possible food to her and make sure that the little one is enjoying a healthy and robust life.


Oats are highly nutritional. The high fiber content makes them easily digestible. You can introduce oatmeal as and when they begin eating solids, i. Make interesting recipes with oats and add other nutritional ingredients to make the meal wholesome. Here are some interesting and delicious recipes with oats for babies.

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They are easy to make! And guess what? Your little one will love these and would want more of them! You may also add formula milk as needed and a pinch of green cardamom optional , if desired, to prepare milk oats porridge. Note: You can use quick cooking plain oats oatmeal. If you want to add jaggery, dissolve it in a tablespoon of water, filter, and then add.

How to Make Papaya Puree for Babies

Apple banana puree is rich in nutrients, flavor, and taste. It also makes a filling and wholesome food for babies. Steamed Nendran banana puree is a nutrition rich and filling food for babies.

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It helps in weight gain too. Check out Nendran Kerala banana mash recipe here.

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It is a nutritious food for babies as cranberry is rich in Vitamin C which helps to improve immunity. Plums are rich in Vitamin C and fiber which makes excellent food for babies who are fighting constipation. It helps in preventing constipation in babies. This chikoo banana puree is a tasty and creamy puree for babies, and there is the least possibility that a baby can say no to this.